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Volunteer Awards

STEMup4Youth recognizes its volunteers for their hard work and contribution to their communities. Below are some awards we give out to our volunteers.

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STEMup4Youth Volunteer Service Hours Badges

Volunteers will receive badges based on the volunteer service hour requirements of each--they will be awarded badges accordingly, as they continue to earn service hours. 
50 hours badge
100 hours badge
150 hours badge
200 hours badge

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President's Volunteer Service Award

STEMup4Youth is an official certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award, a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States.


STEMup4Youth Leadership Award

The STEMup4Youth Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leaders within our organization who herald innovative ideas and exceptional ability to carry them out.


STEMup4Youth Community Service Award

The STEMup4Youth Community Service Award is awarded to volunteers who show passion and dedication to community service by consistently coming to volunteer events, and providing exemplary contributions to different club committees. 


STEMup4Youth Committee
Service Award

The STEMup4Youth Committee Service Award recognizes volunteers who show commitment to service through their enthusiasm and involvement in club committee work.


Congressional Award

The Congressional Award is an award for young Americans established by the US Congress in 1979 to recognize initiative, service, and achievement in young people.


STEMup4Youth Exceptional Instructor Award

The STEMup4Youth Exceptional Instructor Award is awarded to volunteers who show exceptional engagement and teaching ability to children during our volunteer events.


STEMup4Youth Volunteer Service Award

​The STEMup4Youth Volunteer Service Award recognizes volunteers who show dedication to service. It is awarded to those who display a positive attitude and enthusiasm for volunteer service alongside a high accumulation of service hours.                


STEM Instructor Promotion

​​​Assistant Stem Instructors will be promoted to Stem Instructors after they have volunteered in at least eight volunteer events.

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