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Cypress HS Chapter

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Harsha Ragavan.png

Harsha Ragavan

Cypress HS Chapter President

Lead STEM Instructor

Cypress High School

  • Youth Action Committee of Cypress and La Palma

  • Summer 2022 City of Cypress Counselor-In-Training 

  • TYEOC Alumni

  • Pace Academy Foundation Volunteer

  • 3x Gold PVSA Holder

  • ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory with Merit

  • Vice President of ID8 Cypress High School

When I was younger, my parents introduced me to a wide range of exciting events and workshops in Orange County. One day, I would be crafting a treasure box outside Home Depot, and the next, I'd be building helicopters from rubber bands and popsicle sticks at the OC Fair. These experiences immersed me in the world of STEM, and am beyond grateful for the opportunities I had as a kid. Now, my passion is to inspire today's youth by sharing the wonders of STEM. Through the STEMup4Youth program, I aim to show kids just how amazing and fun STEM can be. It's not just about teaching them new things; it's about opening their eyes to a world full of limitless possibilities and greatness.

Jibin Joseph.png
  • Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center Volunteer

  • Independent Researcher in Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been fueled by the boundless opportunities that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics had to offer.  Every project I work on derives from my interest in STEM and helping others. I see myself as a beacon of guidance for the future generation to fulfill their full potential, envisioning a world where every child has the opportunity to discover the wonders of STEM. That is why, with STEMup4Youth, I hope to show these children their complete potential.

Jibin Joseph

Cypress HS Chapter Vice President

Assistant STEM Instructor

Cypress High School

Shriyans Ghosh.png
  • President of ID8 Cypress

  • Youth Action Committee of Cypress & La Palma Member

  • AIME Web Design Intern

From the first time I visited the JPL when I was 5, STEM has always been the field I wanted to pursue. In school, my favorite classes are Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. All the projects I pursue are in the STEM realm, from creating miniature robots, to developing websites. Now I want to share my interests with the next generation, through STEMup4Youth.

Shriyans Ghosh

Cypress HS Chapter Secretary

Cypress High School

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