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STEMup4Youth in the Library

What an exciting 2022 summer! We ended the season with a high note by hosting a STEM fair at the Yorba Linda Public Library! Invited back once again to the Yorba Linda Public Library, we presented "The Puppy and the Scientist" science show as a center piece and also brought hands-on STEM activities to more than 1200 children and families.

Children got inspired to do their own science challenge at home as they watched a play about a puppy and two scientists played by co-president Max Chen and VP Melinda Chen. They went from booth to booth making STEM crafts and projects, strengthening their knowledge on STEM-based concepts. Among these exciting stations were rockets, robots, ice cream, harmonica, 3-D domes, and more. Everyone got a chance to build and take home their projects to share what they learned with family and friends.

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