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Ryan Ko

Assistant STEM Instructor
12th Grade
Golden Valley High School

• National Junior Honor Society
• AWANA LIT, I have been in this program and teaching kids from ages 5-11 since I was in 7th grade.
• Marching band, I currently hold the title of section leader, meaning that I lead a section of my instrument, clarinet, that holds teens from ages 14-17.
• Volleyball, I play this sport for my school, but what is so significant of this sport is that it requires such good teamwork just to play a couple rallies.
• Because of Volleyball, I learned how to adapt to situations that I am not used to, things like playing with volleyball players I do not personally know and getting know how a specific player does his plays and what his strengths and weaknesses are.
• With all these things in mind, I adapt, hopefully increasing the rate of the amount of points we score and decreasing the amount of points the opposing team scores.

"I want to use my skill with kids and my leadership with all age ranges to hopefully encourage kids to go down the STEM career path. "

Ryan Ko
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