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Drones4Kids Chapter

Drones4Kids’ goal is to spread awareness about drones. Our purpose is to provide education to a younger audience who will have a hands-on experience with drones and learn all viable applications.


• NHS member
• PTSA Student Leadership Group Board Member
• Troy High School First Drone Team Founder/Drone Commander of NJROTC
• First NJROTC Drone Competition Trophy Recipient in Individual Event, 2nd place
• FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
• STEMkits4Kids Founder

Hello, I'm Brandon Kim, a junior attending Troy High School. I have been a member of Stemup4youth since 7th grade. After obtaining my FAA 107 drone pilot license, I founded Drones4kids to spread my passion for drones to a younger audience. I am also the first Troy High School NJROTC Drone Commander. From my experiences, drones are seen as a leisurely pastime, and that not everyone can fly one. Also, there is rarely any talk about drones in different applications, such as careers. Our goal in Drones4Kids is to enable kids who may never have even thought about flying a drone, and give them the opportunity to do so.

Brandon Kim

Drones4Kids Chapter President and Founder

STEMkits4Kids Chapter President and Founder

STEM Instructor

Troy High School


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