​​ helping kids stem up to greater heights in the STEM fields


 STEMup4Youth's Troy High School chapter was established to allow students of Troy High to get involved in their community and to expose more children to the elements of STEM! This chapter provides support and volunteers to our established umbrella organization. Contact us here!

  • USA Biology Girl Scout Silver Award
  •  Kraemer Middle School Science Olympiad Team (Second place at State competition)
  •  First place in Towers & Fast Facts at Kraemer Invitational
  • Second place in Detector & third place in Codebusters at Science Olympiad State               Competition
  •  Altar server at church
  •  Level 8 in piano CM

​​​I had a passion for STEM ever since learning about it as a child. I would like to pass this on to kids today in hopes that it will create many opportunities for them to learn and explore.

Troy HS Chapter

Naomi Horiguchi
 Lead STEM Instructor
Troy High School