​​ helping kids stem up to greater heights in the STEM fields


Our Chapter President, Yi-An Hsieh, a graduate from Orange County School of the Arts, utilizes her specialty to incorporate art into STEM as STEAM! Visit to see what our chapter, STEAMPORT, is up to!

STEMup4Youth Chapter



STEAMPORT Chapter Co-President


Orange County School of the Arts

Hi! My name is Andrew Park and I am a rising senior at the Orange County School of the Arts. My experiences in both the sciences in the classroom and arts through music have helped me develop a love for both subject areas, as well as realize the possibilities that can be achieved by incorporating the arts into STEM education. Through Steamport, I hope to instill in children the same love for the arts and sciences that my teachers have instilled in me.


STEAMPORT Chapter President


University of Pennsylvania

Hi, I'm Yi-An. I am a junior in high school this year. I am very passionate about many things (such as traveling!), but my three favorite happen to be science, math, and the arts... which also happen to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Often times, it seems that others expect me to pick one over the others, when I love all three equally as much. As a result, my goal was to bring all three together and share it with the world, or at least my community. Thus, along with everyone on the Stem Up 4 Youth team, we brought together the Steamport chapter, highlighting not only the STEM fields but also the Arts. As the fields of S.T.E.A.M. expand throughout the career world, we hope to cultivate this interest and understanding in our youth and spread our enthusiasm within local communities. Working with clubs or schools around the area, we are able to provide free, engaging year-round classes. We know that often times these kinds of hands-on learning experiences are not available or accessible to kids based on the areas in which they live. We open up opportunities for kids, no matter their background, and provide an exciting yet safe environment for kids to learn about all the different aspects of S.T.E.A.M. We had put in a lot of effort and we continue to do so, but it is so rewarding to get the opportunity to work with kids that love that same things that I do. For me, the S.T.E.A.M. fields are fun, engaging, and the sciences and the arts in all their mixed up perfection.

  • Medicine and Math Club President
  • National Honor Society Member
  • Orange County Courthouse Illustration Competition, 2nd place
  • President’s Award for Education Excellence/Outstanding Academic Excellence Award of the President’s Education Awards Program
  • Science Olympiad States Competitor