Our Chapter President, Yi-An Hsieh, from Orange County School of the Arts utilizes her specialty to incorporate art into STEM as STEAM! Visit www.steamport.org to see what our chapter, STEAMPORT, is up to!

STEMup4Youth Chapter



Chapter President


  • Award of Excellence for Most Talented in the Visual Arts Conservatory at Orange County School of the Arts
  • Ribbons of the Orange Unified School District Math Pentathlon (LOGIC/First Place, MENTAL MATH/First Place, ESTIMATION/First Place, PROBLEM SOLVING/ second place, CONSTRUCTION/Second Place)
  • Medals of the 21st Annual Orange County Mathematics Field Day (GEOMETRY/First Place, DATA ANALYSIS/Second Place, MATH EASONING/Second Place, NUMBER SENSE/Fourth Place, ALGRBRA/Fifth Place)
  • Certificate of Recognition of Exemplary Performance in the Orange Unified School District Math Pentathlon
  • President’s Award for Education Excellence/Outstanding Academic Excellence Award of the President’s Education Awards Program
  • Concert Performance in Clap & Tap’s Pianica Ensemble at Cypress College 

helping kids stem up to greater heights in the STEM fields