​​ helping kids stem up to greater heights in the STEM fields


STEMup4Youth and GEARup4Youth have been busy traveling this summer, even internationally to spread the message of STEM and technology/computing education! Here are some of our pictures:

LEGO Robot Summer Camp

Surprise Donation
In the midst of our volunteer meeting, STEMup4Youth received a surprise visit from Anaheim Library librarian Magali Rivera. After a warm welcome, Magali presented an honorarium check to President Sharleen Loh. What a lovely surprise! The donation will be used to fund our programs and expand our service areas.

Two of STEMup4Youth’s dedicated volunteers, Stacy Long and Megan Loh, received the Most Valuable STEM Instructor Award. Both Stacy and Megan have dedicated countless hours and utilized their immense skill to spread STEM to kids around Orange County and LA County. Their passion for kids and STEM is second to none!

STEMup4Youth has been instilling STEM curiosity in young minds throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County by bringing them countless fun, hands-on activities. The children at the La Habra Library had so much fun, they didn’t even realize they were learning STEM principles! They soaked up how sound is made through vibrations; how engineers design, by building with spaghetti and marshmallows; how polymers are made, by making a silly bouncing ball; and how polar and non-polar substances repel each other, by painting a cool art piece to take home!

STEMup4Youth founder, Sharleen, and GEARup4Youth founder, Megan, were both invited as guest speakers for the first ever Teddy Talk, hosted by The World Famous KROQ Radio Station at the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena and featuring the world-renowned DJ Megan Holiday. Hundreds of kids couldn't wait to make their very own home-made ice cream and slime and participate in a live interactive STEM performance featuring Sharleen and Megan. A big thank you to our partners Got Milk?, Entercom,, and K-Earth 101, who made this event a huge success!

In addition to our weekly STEM programs, these are just a few of our outstanding events. :)

Spreading the Fun and Importance of STEM

STEMup4Youth during COVID-19

Spreading Awareness of STEM

OC Fair Imaginology

STEMup4Youth has been busy travelling around SoCal to bring our STEM performances to a wider audience! Our President, Sharleen, engages the audience in mesmerizing STEM demonstrations like Elephant’s Toothpaste and the crowd-favorite, Slime. Our last performance of the summer was held at the Anaheim Euclid Library. All the children ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the seemingly-magical STEM performance, and were overjoyed at the opportunity to make their very own Roto-Copters to take home! 

STEMup4Youth's Coding Division provides introductory and intermediate classes for ages 6 and up. Classes are tailored to fit students' ages and coding experience, ranging from a short introductory one-time event to a series of intermediate classes.

Orange County Performers Showcase

GEARup4Girls, a division of STEMup4Youth, hosted a 3-day LEGO Robot Summer camp! Girls from within a 40 mile radius travelled to attend our free, fun-filled camp. Building various LEGO robots utilized the girls’ natural curiosities to create, and taught them the basics of programming. Our fun games simulated cooperation and more difficult programming concepts. The girls not only learned about robotics and programming, but also social issues and potential college majors and careers relating to computing and technology.

Yorba Linda Library STEAM Event

STEMup4Youth was invited by the Yorba Linda Public Library to help host their S.T.E.A.M. Day—STEAM: How it Works—hosted on Saturday, January 16, 2016.

Collaborating with Troy High School's Robotics Club, Chemistry Club, and LEO Club, we helped host over 15 different STEAM activities! The kids and families had a blast. About 300 kids and their families attended the event!

Paul Revere Elementary School

East Anaheim Library STEM Event

STEM Performance/Presentation

STEMup4Youth was invited by the First Evangelical Community Church to lead a STEM program at one of their largest annual events—300 people attended the event! STEMup4Youth not only shared our passion for STEM on stage, we also led a few interactive STEM stations and brought the joy of STEM to the kids and families in attendance.

Stemming up in Spring!

Fall STEAM Friday

Traveling alongside the Anaheim Bookmobile, STEMup4Youth visited 4 different neighborhoods riddled with poverty, bringing books and fun STEM activities to children who don't have access to a library (due to lack of easily accessible transportation or busy schedules). The kids scrambled at the chance to engage in fun STEM activities they don't get to experience very often, brought right to their doorstep.

During COVID-19, STEMup4Youth continues to bring STEM programs to children around the world. We have been offering weekly zoom classes. Our division EveryoneCanSTEM, specializing in STEM education for special needs children, offers classes with a small student-instructor ratio.

STEMup4Youth News

STEM Expo at California State University, Fullerton

STEMup4Youth has been busy bringing STEM fun to children at many different local locations, partnering with the Orange County Girl Scouts, City of STEM and the Anaheim Central Library. In these events, in addition to meeting cool characters and exploring culture, our curious little scientists have learned many interesting science concepts, like how slime and harmonicas work. Join us for more fun as we discover more STEM concepts in our upcoming summer events!

On October 30, 2016, STEMup4Youth joined 40 other major companies & organizations (including Boeing, SpaceX, AECOM, Environmental Nature Center, Columbia Space Center,  Aquarium Pacific, and various labs and universities) at Cal State University Fullerton to sponsor a STEM Expo for 300 Girl Scouts. Thanks to the joint effort of the Association of Computing Machinery-Women in Computing and the Girl Scouts of Orange County, all the girls had an awesome STEM-filled day!! STEMup4Youth was super excited and proud to promote STEM in females, a group underrepresented in the STEM fields!

STEMup4Youth Coding Division


La Habra Library STEM Event

Fundraise for Hurricane Harvey

This year's STEAM theme was "STEAM: How it Works." For the Yorba Linda Library's 3rd annual STEAM event, STEMup4Youth collaborated with a few other clubs to make the event a success. A few of the clubs in the collaboration included Math Club, Tri-M, and Chinese Club from Troy High School, to help teach important STEAM concepts to 336 attendees.

Summer Reading Programs

STEMup4Youth hosted a STEM event at the East Anaheim Library on Wednesday, June 22. Even with the limited library space, more than 100 children were able to rotate through the fun hands-on STEM stations! The kids were able to learn several cool STEM concepts while making amazing creations to take home.

STEAM Machines Innovation Fair

Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

STEMup4Youth was invited to host a booth at the Orange County Fair’s Imaginology Youth STEM Expo, along with many other talented groups. STEMup4Youth encouraged the children’s creativity to flourish by prompting them to build anything they imagined out of newspaper (hence the name, Imaginology). STEMup4Youth helped hundreds of attendees make their dreams come alive right in front of their eyes.

STEAM Machines Innovation Fair

STEMup4Youth was once again invited to join over 40 other major companies like Google, SpaceX, Microsoft, and the Aquarium of the Pacific to bring STEM education to over 450 Orange County Girl Scouts in the Titan Student Union at California State University, Fullerton. The annual Expo opens up a new world to underrepresented girls in the STEM fields! 

Cerritos Library AstroYouth Net Family Night

STEMup4Youth traveled to different areas of Greater Los Angeles to spread the importance of STEM and share the fun of it at different events. On Dec 4, 2016, STEMup4Youth Founder and CEO Sharleen Loh presented a few STEM tricks at the World Vision headquarters in Monrovia, California. Both kids and adults were amazed when they found out how much fun STEM can be!! On Dec 16, 2016, STEMup4Youth traveled to Pomona to share their passion of STEM at the Portofino Villas Senior Center. On Dec 17, 2016, they traveled to West Covina and Walnut to showcase STEM fun and bring holiday cheer to all the seniors at Regency Grand and Brookdale Senior Living. Hats off to STEMup4Youth!!

STEMup4Youth traveled to different areas of Greater Los Angeles to raise funds for the children affected by Hurricane Harvey by presenting the fun of STEM to all. On Dec 3, 2017, STEMup4Youth Founder and CEO Sharleen Loh presented the Magic of Science at the World Vision headquarters in Monrovia, California. Both kids and adults were amazed when they found out how magical science can be! STEMup4Youth along with a few of its Chapters (Diamond Bar, Maya, and Walnut) also traveled to several senior centers in Pomona, West Covina, and Walnut to bring holiday STEM cheer.

The STEAM Machines Innovation Fair is a techno-geek paradise with a variety of interactive science, technology, engineering, and math activities using art as the medium. It is a joint effort by Heal the Bay, the Santa Monica Pier Corporation, and many other major partner organizations, such as NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Columbia Memorial Space Center, Rube Goldberg, and the Tomorrow Show. STEMup4Youth traveled to the Santa Monica Pier to join the fun of spreading the importance of STEAM. We showed the kids how to make flimsy recycled newspaper strong by changing its shape. The kids had so much fun, using their creativity and letting their imagination soar!

STEMup4Youth joined many other major companies such as Hyperloop, Heal the Bay, Urban Objects, and Creamistry for a day of fun interactive activities to inspire the next generation of innovators, artists, designers and scientific leaders. Our founder and CEO Sharleen Loh was invited as a panelist alongside other tech leaders from JPL and NASA, and was interviewed by Gray Bright, the Tomorrow Show host.

The Events

On March 31st and May 25th, 2017, a neon yellow troupe marched into Paul Revere Elementary, seeking to spread the wealth of science, technology, engineering, and math to an underserved majority. Mrs. Taylor’s group of thirty 2nd graders discovered the science behind polymers and hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions. One of the students had never smiled for an entire year prior to this class, but STEM gifted him with smiles and laughter. STEMup4Youth was truly honored to serve so many ardent and attentive learners this year.

STEMup4Youth received a lovely surprise from Mrs. Quyen Taylor—a personal donation to help us spread our love of STEM to more children. Even better, each of our volunteers received a cute, heartfelt, personalized thank you card from Mrs. Taylor's class. The cards had signatures from all the kids in the class, and included touching messages like "We love you!" and "You guys are the best!" What a sweet surprise! Thank you so much Mrs. Taylor and her second grade class!

STEMup4Youth spent the majority of our summer traversing Southern California, spreading the wealth of STEM to various organizations and libraries. The record number of invitations we received packed our summer schedule! Below are a few pics from our STEM-themed Summer Reading Program events:

Orange County Performer's Showcase

Teddy Talk News

Summer STEM Performances

STEMup4Youth was invited once again to showcase at the Orange County Performers’ Showcase this year. Our CEO Sharleen got to set up a promotional display alongside 100 other professional performers to demonstrate STEMup4Youth’s purpose. Many librarians came by to find out what STEM is, and have realized that STEM is essentially very fun to learn.

STEMup4Youth was invited to showcase their STEM program at the Orange County Performers Showcase. Over 100 librarians throughout Southern California attended the event, organized by the Santiago Library System.

Over 40 performers performed during the showcase. STEMup4Youth founder and president, Sharleen Loh, demonstrated several mind-blowing activities: Insta-Snow, Balloon Skewers, and Air Blaster. The audience was amazed and amused by her humorous performance! She showed them the magic of STEM!


Surprise Donation from Anaheim Library

Anaheim Bookmobile

Yorba Linda Public Library S.T.E.A.M. Day

STEMup4Youth was invited to join the Anaheim Elementary School District, Edison Elementary School, and the Anaheim Bookmobile in a night filled with hands-on science, art, and community for Anaheim's Fall STEAM Friday on Oct 13, 2017. Over 1,300 attendees flooded booths from guests including Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific's Aquarium on Wheels, a life-size juvenile T-Rex from Dino Encounters, "Alpha" the international award winning robot from Phoenix 6554, and other Community and City Groups!


STEMup4Youth broke Covina Library's Summer Reading Program record this summer. 135 children swarmed to the library to watch a STEM performance and experiment with some fun, hands-on activities—100 more children than expected. What an appearance!

STEMup4Youth was invited by the Cerritos Library to host several activities for the AstroYouth Net Family Night. Young STEM enthusiasts used their creativity to create UFOs, spaceships, aliens, towers, pyramids, gliders, and flying birds out of straws, index cards, spaghetti, and marshmallows. The youngest aficionado was only 14 months old! What a creative group—the sky’s the limit!