• Helping Hands Club Treasurer 2019-2020
  • HBHS VSA Co-president 2019-2020
  • Link Crew Leader 2019-2020
  • Uno club Treasurer 

“Live life and have fun but not too much fun”

Zensu Nguyen

HBHS Chapter Co President


Huntington Beach High School

  • National Honor Society Member 2019
  •  President’s Award for Educational Excellence 2017
  • Student Council Class Representative 2014
  • Basketball player and violinist

Remember to Foster Your Future


Hailey Holcomb

HBHS Chapter Vice President


Huntington Beach High School

Huntington Beach HS Chapter

Gordon Nguyen​

HBHS Chapter Event Coordinator


Huntington Beach HS

Taylor Foster

HBHS Chapter Sponsor Commissioner


Huntington Beach High School

  • Nation Honors Society Member

  • Academy of the Preforming Arts

  • Student Council

  • Agriculture/Hydroponics Club

  • Red Cross

  • Model United Nations (4 Commendations, 3 Outstandings, 3 Research Awards)

  • Best Director and Best Production (2019 Play Festival)

  • Accel. 2/Trig and AP Chem

  • Parent Latino Initiative volunteer

​“Build the world you want to live in”

Dylan Ando

HBHS Chapter Secretary


Huntington Beach High School

  • 3 time best delegate winner and 5 research awards for MUN,

  • APA council exec board: dance representative,

  • NHS exec board: co-president of internal tutoring,

  • Junior trainee at Festival Ballet Theatre

  • Harvard Business Program summer course

Work hard, play hard

Leyna Vu

HBHS Chapter President


Huntington Beach High School

Artemis Tran

HBHS Chapter ​Historian


Huntington Beach High School

  • Founder & Co-President of the HBHS Uno Confederation

  •  HBHS Link Crew Leader

  • Chaired GA at Surf City Novice

  • Writing Lab Tutor

  •  NHS Member

  •  Avid MUNer

To be perfect is to embrace imperfection.​

  • Model United Nations: 6 research awards, 3 Commendations, 1 Outstanding award, and 1 Best Delagate award

  • National Honors Society Member

  • Secretary of the HBHS robotics club

  • Varsity Tennis Player

  • Parent Latino Initiative Volunteer

"If you only face forward, there will be things you miss seeing"

helping kids stem up to greater heights in the STEM fields

  • National Honors Society member

  • Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association

  • Co-president of Huntington's Helping Hands

  • Jr. Youth Buddhist Association member

  • Performs for Daion Taiko

  • Agriculture / Hydroponics club member​

I'm grateful to be able to help encourage the next generation's interest in the STEM field!